Having a million and one things on the go at any particular moment is me in a nutshell. Whether it’s a professional thing or a hobby, I’m often well engrossed in more projects than any sane person should admit to. Sanity aside, being able to write about my interests is an interest of its own. However finding the time to manage multiple blogs around each passion tends to leave a person somewhat strapped. So in came Passive Press.

Passive Press began as an online business guide aimed at answering questions that I was commonly asked. As it evolved, it assimilated my other blogs and branched into additional topics. With time Passive Press became my primary blog and rather than being a small niche it grew into something wide and somewhat all-encompassing. Honestly I don’t mind. In fact, I’ve come to be quite fond of this new home.

As for the name… Well, I tend to have a terrible habit of temporarily neglecting a regular posting schedule so it seemed quite appropriate.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my ramblings and I thank you for visiting.

…Oh, my name is Chris Newald.